BLOWING SNOW   Acrylic  20 x 34   2015    Sold

AFTERNOON SHADOWS   Acrylic    14x22     2000   Sold

SPRINGTIME   Acrylic   9x12   1998    Sold

ENTANGLED    Acrylic     24 x 48     2009       Sold

ACROSS THE BRIDGE  Acrylic   10x8  2010  Sold

DAISY PATCH   Acrylic    8x10   2014     Sold

LITTLE BOY BLUE   Acrylic   8x10   2014     Sold

ALONG THE FENCE  Acrylic   8x10    2010    Sold

A WINTER MOMENT  Acrylic  18x27   2009   Sold

SPRING FOG  Acrylic  14x28   2007    Sold

OCTOBER     Acrylic   16 X 22   2015     Collection of the artist  NFS

WINTERY WELCOME    Acrylic   16x24   2012    Sold

          FACING THE ELEMENTS   Acrylic   24x34   2011    Sold

                   Raymarart Painting Competition / Finalist

              All Media Art Competition Honorable Mention

Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition & Exhibition - Finalist   

CORNER REFUGE  Acrylic  11x14  2007    Sold

NEAR THE ROAD     Acrylic   10 x 15    2016     Sold

SUMMER SPIRIT  Acrylic   16x24    2011    Sold

Gallery 5

ALONG THE WAY  Acrylic  8x10  2010    Sold

RUST IN PEACE    Acrylic     16 x24    2008        Available at Peninsula Gallery

ALONG THE BEACH  Acrylic   8x10   2013   Sold

WEATHERED SLOPE    Acrylic     13x16    2017         Sold
Light Time & Space Exhibition 3rd Place