SPRING FOG  Acrylic  14x28   2007    Sold

ALONG THE WAY  Acrylic  8x10  2010    Sold

DAISY PATCH   Acrylic    8x10   2014     Sold

NEAR THE ROAD     Acrylic   10 x 15    2016     Sold

ALONG THE BEACH  Acrylic   8x10   2013   Sold

SPRINGTIME   Acrylic   9x12   1998    Sold

WEATHERED SLOPE    Acrylic     13x16    2017         Sold
Light Time & Space Exhibition 3rd Place

WINTERY WELCOME    Acrylic   16x24   2012    Sold

SUMMER SPIRIT  Acrylic   16x24    2011    Sold

Gallery 5

ENTANGLED    Acrylic     24 x 48     2009       Sold

ACROSS THE BRIDGE  Acrylic   10x8  2010  Sold

LITTLE BOY BLUE   Acrylic   8x10   2014     Sold

          FACING THE ELEMENTS   Acrylic   24x34   2011    Sold

                   Raymarart Painting Competition / Finalist

              All Media Art Competition Honorable Mention

Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition & Exhibition - Finalist   

CORNER REFUGE  Acrylic  11x14  2007    Sold

OCTOBER     Acrylic   16 X 22   2015     Collection of the artist  NFS

RUST IN PEACE    Acrylic     16 x24    2008        Available at Peninsula Gallery

A WINTER MOMENT  Acrylic  18x27   2009   Sold

ALONG THE FENCE  Acrylic   8x10    2010    Sold

AFTERNOON SHADOWS   Acrylic    14x22     2000   Sold

BLOWING SNOW   Acrylic  20 x 34   2015    Sold