EDGE OF THE FIELD   Acrylic   12x18    2013       Sold

NEAR THE WHARF  Acrylic   12x18   2010     Sold

WINTER BIRCH    Acrylic   20x14   2007    Sold

Gallery 4

JUST CHILLIN'  (Downy Woodpecker)  Acrylic   8x10   2013    Sold

                THE SHORT CUT     Acrylic     8x10    2016     Sold

OUT TO PASTURE    Acrylic    15x27   2008     Sold

BELOW THE CANOPY    Acrylic     17x13      2016      Sold

FOREST LIFE   Acrylic 14x18   1995    Sold

WEATHERED REMNANTS   Acrylic   16x24   2008    Sold

WINTER RELIC  Acrylic   12 x 8    2016    Sold

WINTER WARMTH     Acrylic     14x9     2010      Sold

TREE STUMPS  Acrylic     20x13   2016     Available at Peninsula Gallery

BEACH AND PIGTAILS   Acrylic   8x10   2012    Sold

RED ROCKS BEACH, St.George's, NL  Acrylic   15x36   2010

OUT AND ABOUT  Acrylic  21x14     2009   Sold

RED SQUIRREL AND STUMP Acrylic 22x14    2006    Sold

SNOWY CASCADE    Acrylic     24 x 16     2017        Sold