WEATHERED ENTRY   Acrylic   9.5 x 5   2014    Sold

Gallery 3

OVER THE FIELD   Acrylic  15x23   2011-2012

DAYS GONE BY   Acrylic   18x22   2009     Sold

AFTER THE BLIZZARD  Acrylic  16x26  2009    Sold

SEPTEMBER ROAD     Acrylic    13.5 x 20.5    2008     Sold

RUSTIC AUTUMN  Acrylic 14x20    2005    Sold


BUTTERFLY HINGE    Acrylic    18x12    2008     Sold

SPRING FORWARD   Acrylic   16x24    2012    Available at Christina Parker Gallery

PICKET FENCE  Acrylic  14x20   2009      Sold

SECLUDED REFLECTIONS   Acrylic  9x12  2007    Sold

FORGOTTEN BARN Acrylic 11x22    2008    Sold

AUTUMN MEMORIES    Acrylic      14x18    2004      Sold

LOCKED  Acrylic  18x12  2000    Sold