WEATHERED BONES      Acrylic     12 x 16      2017     Available at Christina Parker Gallery

BEACH RELICS   Acrylic   22x32   2011   Sold

Gallery 2

SALT MARSH RAMPIKE   Acrylic   27x18   2010    Sold

WRETCHED BREAKWATER  Acrylic  17x26  2010    Sold

Winter Downy    Acrylic    21x14      Sold

WEARY BONES   Acrylic   22 x 34   2015     Sold

AUTUMN CANOPY   Acrylic  15x23    2007     Sold

ENTANGLED    Acrylic     24x48     2009       Sold

TURF BANK  Acrylic   18x24   200    Sold

LOCK AND RUST   Acrylic   10x14   2002    Sold

SLOWLY DEPARTING   Acrylic   12x16   1988    Sold

BELOW THE HILL II   Acrylic   14 x 12   2014    Sold

ABANDONED CHICKEN COOP   Acrylic   16x24   2010   Sold

AT THE WHARF    Acrylic    16x23    2013     Sold

BEACH BONES  Acrylic  18x27  2009     Sold

DRIFTWOOD  Acrylic    22x32   2008     Sold

THE BARN DOOR  Acrylic  16x24   2009

  Available at Christina Parker Gallery

WINTER BLUES   Acrylic  24x30    2011   Sold