WINTER WOODPILE   Acrylic   16x24   2009       Sold          

                  Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition - Finalist

                    Canadian Brushstroke Magazine "All About Light" Competition - Finalist

        ARC International Salon Competition / Honorable Mention in the Landscape Category

WINTER FIR   Acrylic   21x16    2011     Sold

                          AFTER THE BLIZZARD II    Acrylic   14 x 24     2015      Sold

International Artist Magazine 2016  'Landscape' Competition / Finalist  "After The Blizzard II"   

                                       ALONG THE COAST    Acrylic    24 x 36      2011   Sold

                                   2013  Raymar Art Painting Competition / Finalist

  Finalist  in the Landscape Category  of the 2012 / 2013  ARC International Salon Competition

Double Downies     Acrylic      16 x 24     2017          Available at Peninsula Gallery

RED SQUIRREL AND BULRUSH   Acrylic   18x14   2016    Sold

                                        Peninsula Gallery



ROAD TO THE BEACH   Acrylic    16 x 13.4    2015      Sold

Gallery 1

                BEACHWOOD SNAG    17 x 14    Acrylic     2015    Sold

                                            Peninsula Gallery

         Fusion Art: Best In Show/September/Waterscapes 2016

Fusion Art: Best In Show/September/Waterscapes 2016 - YouTube


TWO FOR JOY   Acrylic   20x28    2012-2013   Sold

SCOUTING AROUND     Acrylic    16 x 24      2017-2018      Available at Christina Parker Gallery

RELICS IN THE FIELD    Acrylic   22 x 15    2016

       Available at Christina Parker Gallery

BEACHWOOD AND FOG    Acrylic   11.5 x 17    2016     Sold

CLOSE TO SHORE    Acrylic   11 x 16    2015    Sold        Peninsula Gallery

                         Best In Show  March 2017  Sedona Art Prize

                 Best In Show - Colors of Humanity Water Show 2107

BEACH REMNANTS      Acrylic      18 x 27      2017        Available at Peninsula Gallery

WHISKEY JACK AND WOOD   Acrylic   16x24   2014     Sold

                           BELOW THE HILL   Acrylic   20x18   2011    Sold

Grand Prize Winner "All About Light" Canadian Brushstroke Magazine Competition

RUSTIC MEMORIES   Acrylic    13x18    2016      Sold


                           FACING THE ELEMENTS   Acrylic   24x34   2011    Sold

                                    Raymarart Painting Competition / Finalist

                                All Media Art Competition Honorable Mention 

            Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition & Exhibition - Finalist                 

AUTUMN RELICS   Acrylic      14 x 17    2018     Available at Peninsula Gallery

                        HILLSIDE RELIC      Acrylic       17 x 11.5     2018

Grand Prize Winner in the Gateway International Painting Competition 2018

                                Available at Christina Parker Gallery