Gallery 1

             BEACHWOOD SNAG    17 x 14    Acrylic     2015

   Fusion Art: Best In Show/September/Waterscapes 2016

                           Available at Peninsula Gallery

RELICS IN THE FIELD    Acrylic   22 x 15    2016

       Available at Christina Parker Gallery

THE SHORT CUT     Acrylic     8x10    2016    Available at Peninsula Gallery

RED SQUIRREL AND BULRUSH   Acrylic   18x14   2016    Sold

                                        Peninsula Gallery


BEACHWOOD AND FOG    Acrylic   11.5 x 17    2016

       Available at Christina Parker Gallery

BELOW THE HILL   Acrylic   20x18   2011    Sold


RUSTIC MEMORIES   Acrylic    13x18    2016      Sold



TWO FOR JOY   Acrylic   20x28    2012-2013   Sold

                           FACING THE ELEMENTS   Acrylic   24x34   2011    Sold

                                    Raymarart Painting Competition / Finalist

                                All Media Art Competition Honorable Mention 

            Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition & Exhibition - Finalist                 

AFTER THE BLIZZARD II    Acrylic   14 x 24     2015     On Hold at Christina Parker Gallery

WINTER WOODPILE   Acrylic   16x24   2009       Sold  

CLOSE TO SHORE    Acrylic   11 x 16    2015    Sold

                            Peninsula Gallery

WINTER FIR   Acrylic   21x16    2011     Sold

WEARY BONES   Acrylic   22 x 34   2015     Sold

WHISKEY JACK AND WOOD   Acrylic   16x24   2014     Sold

ROAD TO THE BEACH   Acrylic    16 x 13.4    2015      Sold

ALONG THE COAST    Acrylic     24x36  2011      Sold