ROAD TO THE BEACH   Acrylic    16 x 13.4    2015      Sold

Gallery 1

             BEACHWOOD SNAG    17 x 14    Acrylic     2015

   Fusion Art: Best In Show/September/Waterscapes 2016

                           Available at Peninsula Gallery

ALONG THE COAST    Acrylic     24x36  2011      Sold

TWO FOR JOY   Acrylic   20x28    2012-2013   Sold

                           FACING THE ELEMENTS   Acrylic   24x34   2011    Sold

                                    Raymarart Painting Competition / Finalist

                                All Media Art Competition Honorable Mention 

            Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition & Exhibition - Finalist                 

RELICS IN THE FIELD    Acrylic   22 x 15    2016

       Available at Christina Parker Gallery

THE SHORT CUT     Acrylic     8x10    2016    Available at Peninsula Gallery

AFTER THE BLIZZARD II    Acrylic   14 x 24     2015      Sold

WINTER WOODPILE   Acrylic   16x24   2009       Sold  

CLOSE TO SHORE    Acrylic   11 x 16    2015    Sold

                            Peninsula Gallery

WINTER FIR   Acrylic   21x16    2011     Sold

Double Downies     Acrylic      16 x 24     2017          Available at Peninsula Gallery

RED SQUIRREL AND BULRUSH   Acrylic   18x14   2016    Sold

                                        Peninsula Gallery


WHISKEY JACK AND WOOD   Acrylic   16x24   2014     Sold

BEACHWOOD AND FOG    Acrylic   11.5 x 17    2016

       Available at Christina Parker Gallery

BELOW THE HILL   Acrylic   20x18   2011    Sold


RUSTIC MEMORIES   Acrylic    13x18    2016      Sold