THE SHED DOOR  Acrylic   16 x 10.5    2020      Available at Peninsula Gallery


BEACH DRAGON     Acrylic     15.5 x 23     2020      Peninsula Gallery        Sold

NOVEMBER CANOPY    Acrylic    16 x 24     2020       Available at Peninsula Gallery

NEAR THE WOODPILE    Acrylic    16 x 24   2020    Available at Peninsula Gallery

TIMELESS RHYTHM  Acrylic   16 x 24       2020    Available at Christina Parker Gallery

CASTAWAYS    Acrylic    16 x 24     2020      Available at Christina Parker Gallery

                                                      Welcome to the official website of realist artist  Brian LaSaga.

Available work on this website can be purchased through art galleries representing the artist. Enjoy your visit. Thank you.